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Social distancing

With the social distancing rules now abandoned we are resuming bar service.

There are no longer limits imposed upon how many people may be seated together inside or outside though there is space between our tables in the regular set up we are not restricting movement of these tables to be joined together if the occupants are all happy with this.

We will still be running our order & pay app for anyone who would prefer a table type service.

Keeping our customers safe

We will keep our hand sanitizing stations available for customers around the pub and encourage customers to use these or wash hands regularly, especially when arriving

Our team are no longer required to wear face masks during their shifts but will continue to wash their hands with increased regularity and will use anti viral/bacterial spray to wipe down tables between customers

Customers will NOT be required to wear a face covering whenever they are not seated but we accept that some will prefer to do so and this is completely acceptable

Test & Trace

We will keep QR codes posted up around the pub for anyone who wishes to continue using track & trace but we will no longer require all customers to register with us, again this is a personal choice and either is acceptable

Live sports broadcasts

We love sport, that's no secret

We are happy to be able to get back to normal for the sports viewing we offer and not have to keep telling people to keep their celebrations to a minimum.

If you are concerned about the risks associated with sports viewing and COVID we have areas of the pub which have increased space between tables and tend to be a little quieter.

We also have outdoor sports viewing for those who prefer to be in the fresh air.  These areas have seating with good views which are well protected from rain and we have additional temporary cover available for larger events

Outside spaces

We are lucky to have a lot of outside space, much of which is suitable year round.

We all know the British weather can be.....unpredictable.  As such if you book a table outside that becomes unsuitable due to weather we will make every effort to move your reservation inside, however will not be able to guarantee availability if you take your original reservation and wish to change after seating to a different area.  

We have some heating but there is only so much it can do against the good old British weather.  We have some blankets to loan out to customers and if you bring a hot water bottle we can refill it with hot water for you.